We design modern logos, upscale brand books, and social identity.

Brand - it is the most important aspect of marketing it's everything you remember about the product. With it, you can sell anything for any sort of price, it is important to perform a correct branding.

Branding history goes back to the Middle Ages when the entrepreneurs began to design their own logos, signs or hallmarks. This was due to population growth and, consequently, with the advent of competition. Craftsmen and traders began to invent different decals that would stand out from the masses.


Stages of designing logos.


We create a pleasant and intuitive design without depreciate effects. This design doesn't go out of fashion, and in a few years will be as understandable and enjoyable to you and your customers;


Our projects are always complex and finalized - you can be sure because we follow the new trends and technologies (Invision would be the best proof);


Design is our passion - we not just work, we put our hearts in our projects. This approach in the creation of the brand allows us to make a unique style and composition that will look great as it is today and many years later.

Case-by-case approach

We use no patterns, only individual approach and custom design solutions - this is how we work!


More than 50 completed projects (and happy customers)!

Talented designers

Most of our designers are working more than 4/7 years, and so have positive mistakes-solutions and discovery experience that allows us to create the best stuff.



For this price, you will get 3 logo variants from which you can choose one. The final version of the logo will be provided in following formats: color, black & white and vector file (original).

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How we work

The stages of the brand development

Now all the work is done and your logo is ready to amaze the world.

To understand the concept of client's business and the market in general, we are starting a dialogue to identify, analyze and define the goals and wishes. Then, we develop the concept and projecting it on the adjacent markets and new design trends; the next step - building of 3 concepts of the future design. And finally - the presentation of our product vision.

Logo development

Since we are using client-oriented approach, logo design in our company begins with an analysis of services (or products) of the customer. Then we analyze the market and the main goal.

Business goals identification

In logo design, as in marketing global, the designation purposes is extremely important. Imagine if you are a large transport company with a specific vector of development and a serious clientele, and you offer a logo that is more suitable for companies engaged in children's toys? That's why we include identification and analysis in our development cycle.


After that, we adopt modern approaches in logo design for specific purposes and desires of the customer to achieve the best result in the development and meet the needs of our clients.

Logo presentation

We do not just represent finished layout, we present ready and complex solution, which passed many stages of development. Our logos and brand books are finished and ready to work for your company.


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How long it will take to create a logo?

Our company uses customer-oriented approach, so the logo design time may vary (see "how we work");

What is “Branding?”

Branding (in the context of a marketing strategy) - development and implementation of a set of measures that contribute to identifying the product, selection this product from a number of similar competing products and creation of long-term preferences of consumers to the brand.

How many logos will I get?

You will get 3 logos variants, black and white + color versions of vector and web format for one price.

I have a logo, but I don't like it!

Write us and we will make a logo that you will love wholeheartedly.

What will I receive ordering the full range of services?

You will get 3 logos variants, black and white + color versions of vector and web format for one price. And, of course, you get a reliable partner who is always ready to help and support you in your future projects.

What is a “Brand Book?”

Brand book - a description of the brand values and ways of their reports to consumers. Brand book describes the mission and philosophy of the brand, its values, key identifiers (symbols and attributes), brand messages indicating the channels and ways to transfer them.

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