Online Marketing Comics #7 – The Importance of Website Load Speed

“Speed is the form of ecstasy the technical revolution has bestowed on man” – Milan Kundera. Slowness

The speed at which a site loads has become an important factor in site rankings. The appearance of accelerated mobile pages (AMP) in Google results is direct confirmation of this. But why is this so? If we don’t get what we want when we expect it, we feel dissatisfied, which leads to stress and irritation. This is basic psychology. Unfortunately, people remember negative emotions for a long time. If your company has a slow site, be prepared for customers to remember it and to subconsciously associate your entire brand with an unpleasant feeling. You don’t want that, and neither do we.

In this issue of our comic on Internet marketing, we talk about the importance of page load speeds and basic techniques for improving those speeds.

The Importance of Website Load Speed - comics #7

By the way, you can read more about secure connection (https) in our article. What do you do to increase your site loading speeds? Share your tactics with us in the comments.

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