"If you do everything bold, nothing is bold" Arthur Webb - Audio Content Programming / Development / Production

Let us make your business flashy by creating a flare design for your site, mobile application and brand. The unique design of your website is the key to enhance the brand image. Express yourself - let the world see you!

We make selling, trendy and full-scale design!


Stages of designing interfaces.

Identifying the aims of your business

We analyse goals, markets, and target audience to understand what design fits you better.

Creating the site/app structure

A more elaborate structure of the site allows increasing the chances of its better ranking by search engines. We develop the structure of the site, taking into account all the aspects that have been analyzed previously and considering subsequent development.

Creating the interface

At this stage, we adding creativity and involve the customer in the process. First, at the prototyping stage, we make a rough sketch that represents the future design (sometimes even on paper), then - begin with development with InVision, thus allowing to control and test the project at the stage of "formation".



Beautiful responsive website design. Pricing includes following designs: front-page, content page, contact page, and services page. We also include favicon design free of charge.
Please note this is design only and doesn't include any technical implementation work.

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If you have any questions for whiling away you would like to receive an answer
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Why Us

We will not say that we better than anybody because all companies are different.

But we will not say that we are worse - because it's not the same. We use non-standard approaches and do not use templates. So where others afraid to follow modern trends or initiate own - we ambitious go forward. Of course, analyzing everything in advance. Our working process is open and you can always see any stage of development, but believe us, you will not want to do that!


We have practical experience of developing for more than 6 years. During this time we have created an over 100 commercial successful individual projects, which continue to delight our customers so far.

Integrated approach to problems solving

We do not work with templates. Each project we created a highly individual and includes the work of the general commands of developers, analysts, and designers.


We respect and support our customers and the product we produce, so you can be sure - we will not leave you one-on-one with the site. We provide after launch product support.

Conversion focused

We know how important our product to the end customer, so we focus on high visits and conversions before the moment of development - namely, at the stage of the analysis.

Creative technology

Creating a high-quality and modern product is impossible without a fresh look at the development and use of modern technologies and approaches to solving problems. Our developers always offer the latest technologies and options that are available on the market today.


We appreciate your time. To facilitate communication between developers and customers and for clarity, we use a wonderful tool - InVision, which is recognized as one of the best solutions on the market. This allows a more creative approach to the design and to spend less time on the changes, thereby saving money.


Get Answers to Your FAQs Here

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Can I make adjustments to the design? How many times?

Sure you can. The main goal of our work - successfully made project that fully meets the customer, so we treat with respect and understanding to the needs of our clients. Will you make it? Probably not, but it's always better when there is such an opportunity, right?

Can I order only the design without development (author's supervision)?

Of course. You can order author's support and we, with great pleasure will help you in this. Feel free to email us, ask your questions and we will do everything to make our cooperation great and productive.

I do not have a logo, can you help me?

Certainly. If you do not have a logo, it would be a great pleasure for us to fix this unfortunate misunderstanding and make you a stunning logo.

How long does it last - to create a logo?

We try to do this ASAP as we appreciate your time. On average, logo design can take from 3 to 5 working days.

How many variants do you provide?

We believe that the variation in the selection of several logo designs is a great option and a way to build a better interaction between the company and customers. Therefore, we offer 3 different sketches and 1 ready logo.

What is the process of logo creation?

First, our designers have come up with a concept based on the set parameters, and then draw a few options paper sketches. Thereafter, the material is digitizing and refining on the computer. So simple.

How long does the design of the site last?

On average, our statistics show that for the development of:
- small Landing takes about 42 hours,
- a company site - from 86 hours,
- online store - 120 hours.
Of course, this is not the final figures and the development depends on the required functionality and more.

I can not choose between adaptive and mobile site.

Adaptive design - the user will see a different picture depending on the size of the screen.

Benefits of adaptive design:

- Adaptive layout structure of the whole site automatically adapts to different screen sizes;
- One URL eliminating the unnecessary redirects, and liability to remember the address of the mobile site.

The presence of a single address is a positive impact on promoting the site as the search engines will be easier to work with.

It is worth saying that this concept of development supports such large companies as Google.

Mobile version - to make the site more comfortable for users of smartphones and tablets, companies often provide another (mobile) version of their websites. The most common practice - redirect mobile users to a special subdomain. In most cases, this version is a stripped-down basic version - only with the functionality that will be required by mobile users.

In general, the design of the mobile versions of sites pays off pretty well, but, nevertheless, there are some disadvantages that are worth noting.

Creating a separate mobile site means getting rid of a piece of content and functionality. In addition, you can have two different sets of content, which may adversely affect the overall information picture.

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