The digital marketing terms you need to know

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving as new technologies are developed and consumer trends change. It can be hard to keep up with all the buzzwords. It is even harder to know which ones are important to your business. Here are the digital marketing terms that you need to know.

SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO comprises the steps and actions that you take to make your website both visible and relevant to search engines. When search engines regard your website as being relevant and visible, they are more likely to show it high in their search results.

Link building

Google and other search engines look at links to your website to help them understand what your website is about and to judge its popularity. In simple terms, a website with lots of links from well-known sites is likely to be better than one that doesn’t have those links, so Google may rank it higher. Link building is about developing strategies to get those links. In other words, it is part of SEO.

PPC (pay-per-click)

PPC is a form of advertising. Usually your ads are shown in search engines, although PPC ads can display in other locations (like Facebook). The term refers to the payment model – you don’t pay anything to display your ad. Instead you pay each time a user clicks on it.

Click-through rate

Click-through rate is the percentage of people who see your ad and then click on it. It can also refer to the percentage of people who see your website in a search results page and then click on the link.

SEM (search engine marketing)

SEM covers all SEO and PPC strategies, i.e. increasing the visibility of your website in search engines through both SEO and PPC.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a marketing strategy where you use social platforms like Facebook or Twitter to build a brand, reach potential new customers, and build relationships.

Content marketing

Content marketing involves attracting users to your website by creating fantastic content. This content is found by people through search engines, social media sharing, or through links on other websites.

Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing the number of people who take an action on your website, like completing a sign-up form or making a purchase.

Email marketing

Email marketing involves sending newsletters and emails to an opt-in list of email addresses. It is a way to build up relationships with customers, stay front of mind, and encourage purchases.

Native advertising

Native advertising is content on a website that looks like non-advertising or editorial content, but that is sponsored by an advertiser. Usually it is content that would potentially appear on a website even if there wasn’t a commercial reason for doing so.


Retargeting uses technology to show ads about your brand or products to people who have visited your website in the past. They may have started the checkout process or visited a product page. Retargeting encourages them to return by showing them ads elsewhere on the web.

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