An awesome landing for TAVIQ company

About the company

TAVIQ is the Finnish company that provides the investment advising services.

The aim

The aim of the project was to create the modern and fully- responsive design for B2B and B2C landing pages, which contains all the needed information regarding the company and its services.


First of all, we discussed all the project details to find the perfect solution, which would meet all the customer’s requirements. Before the start of design creation, we had analyzed the business specifics in order to understand the demands of the target audience and create the unique landing design and functionality. Our team members did their best to produce the unique design with the animated elements.


Check out the new landings for TAVIQ company here


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Check out the animated elements, which represent the pocks of TAVIQ services.

service for taviqu - portfolio lumospark


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About the company

Meet TAVIQ company members. Find out more information about them by clicking on the pictures.

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