Lumemo – new voice memo recorder for iOS


Do you use the voice recorder on your iOS? That is great app because it gives an opportunity to record the voice messages. It may be very useful when you need to note any information but there is no opportunity to type it (or you just do not feel like doing that). This need may appear any time: for example when you go to work, walk in the part or wait for your flight. An awesome idea, that you need to note, may come to you any time!

We often use this application in our work because a very interesting idea for the business development or the products development may come any minute. It is not really convenient to stop in the middle of the street trying to type five pages of the text in your notebook, don’t you think so? Of course its much easier to turn on your voice recorder and to record your thought for a couple of minutes.

We constantly share some news in our team and the opportunity to make a skype call, for example, comes not very often. Besides, the voice recorder is a perfect tool for recording big amount of information. It may be helpful if you take part in the conference or visit a lecture.

However, we were not fully satisfied with this application due to its limited functionality. Therefore, we decided to make our own version of voice memo.

The idea

The members of your team need to travel to other cities and countries a lot. Naturally, apart from business meetings, some time may be spent on shopping or excursions.

When I was to Bryussel I came across one interesting coffee house where an amazing coffee is made. I have noted the name of this place in order to visit it again next time I am in the city but could not find it in 2 years. I just did not remember its location. That moment a brilliant idea came to my mind. How cool it could be if I could add the geo- location to my message.

That is how the fist idea of the app functionality came. This tool appeared to be effective when taking part in many seminars, lectures or other events and noting the most important parts with bullets. It turned out to be difficult to remember the exact event on which the particular note was made.

While the developing of the this idea thought that it could be great to have an opportunity to add the links to the voice message. Happens sometimes when you surf the internet using your iPhone and find some interesting material. You may want to share it with your team, family, clients or other people. In this way a lot of ideas appeared during the app development that was realized in the project. But we will talk about it a little bit later.

The beginning

The process of creation Lumemo started with the idea that was visualized with the help of mind-map on the piece of paper. It looked almost like this

We showed it to our programmers and, as expected, this was not enough information to start the development. Then we went ahead and made a sketch of the visual design, where every element of the interface was described. It allowed us to make the first version of the application interface. It looked like this:


But something was wrong. We have tried different colour solutions. We have tried to make it in blue and violet hues:





And then in grey:


Several variants of labels were created. Like this:


Like this:


And then like this:


Simulation and testing

We used InVision service in design testing. It is a very cool interactive service that allows to “try” the design (no matter if it is a website or a mobile app) on your devices before the software implementation.

We were satisfied with its functionality, but once testing was completed we had realized that it had been not very comfortable in usage. Thus we have created one more version of the app where we focused on its beauty, usability and simplicity.

You can test the design which completely simulates the original product yourself:

Only once we have tested this product in InVision and were satisfied with it we could proceed with the development of code itself. We have tested it on different devices – iPhone 6, 5, 4. Also we have tested on the simulators and other potential platforms.

The app functionality

The interface of the audio reorder.


1. Geo- Location

You can easily add your location in Lumemo that helps when you need to remember when and in which place the record was created.


3. Links

You can add the link in Lumemo using only one button an dattach the corresponding voice message to it.


2. Text notes

You can make a text note in Lumemo. “Why?”- you may ask, “isn’t voice message enough?” It happens sometimes when you need to note name, email address of the phone number exactly as it is. It is easier to have such short information in a text format.


Dropbox integration

Dropbox supports Lumemo. Automatic synchronization allows you to save and easy share large amounts of information. Especially it is useful when you have to write a long message, such as a lecture, seminar or interview. Also, if something happens to your device , the information will not be lost! The messages are stored with all the notes, links, and text information.


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