"Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations — it will transform your entire business" Thomas Husson, Vice president and Principle Annalist at Forrester Research".

You may ask what the mobile application is and why you need this. Well, the answer is simple: mobile application is a software that is specially designed for small devices like mobile phones and tablets, the ones that can develop your business and lift it to the higher level. It may have specific functionality, the one you want it to have. Just think of it and we will make it real.

Developer's main scope - is to make services and interaction with it as easy as possible for users and make it extremely user-friendly. We believe that technologies and its implementation are in the service of humanity and not the other way around. As long as you think we are doing it!


Creativity drivesour services.


Our company has established successful commercial projects for over 6 years. Owing to remarkable developers and creative managers, on whose shoulders lies a lot of work for the production and further promotion of different projects. In our company, developers and designers are working close together to achieve a result that will satisfy all customers.

Turnkey solutions

We provide turnkey solutions. By this phrase, we mean not only development but also a production of such steps as analysis, promotion and support of products manufactured by us. We respect and value our customers, so we will not leave them alone with ours pet projects.


We do not limit our customers in choosing the platform because we work both with Android and iOS. You no longer need to limit yourself or make a difficult choice between these wonderful platforms. You can get a product that will work the same on Android and the iOS devices, attracting more of the target audience.


We know the difference between UI and UX. Moreover, our designers work in divided teams that solve specialized tasks only. You will not see that our UI developers occupy themselves with UX (as well as vice versa). We realize the seriousness and the importance of creating an attractive design and smooth user experience.


We adhere to the Scrum methodology. To be precise, we tried a different Agile and Waterfall methodologies but pitched upon on Scrum. Because we think this is more efficient, productive and less costly both in material and working time means (as we mentioned above - we care about our customers).


Analysis - this is our credo. We do not start work on the project until a thorough analysis of the desired product, the market in which it will compete, and the goals will be achieved.



Ready to take advantage of the mobile revolution? Our mobile development services include design, prototyping, development, and testing. Simple single platform application pricing starts at 2000 EUR.

Let’s work together

We can work individually, but it's important to us that customer
has been involved in many stages of the development.
That is why we communicate a lot - because our goal is not only to release
a great application but also to make it as close as possible to you, to make you feel satisfied.

Get started

How we work

Development stages

Development, in our view

Our life becomes mobile and we have to literally live "on the fly", while progress is walking by leaps and bounds and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. The challenge of mobile applications and services is to simplify life and make it easier, less distracted by trifles.

We're not providing standard templates. For us, every customer is individual, and we build specific concept for a specific customer. We act creatively in the engineering field.

Idea discussion

For better understanding and formation a working group that will operate the project, we initialize a few steps that will assist in case development. Namely, we conduct an analysis of the business environment and the future functionality of the application. Thus, we form a team of developers, which is ideal under specified conditions.

Project conception (engineering)

Before close application development, we conduct the design phase, which allows us to save time and resources. It is necessary to think up and create a logical application architecture and not complicate further work on the project. That's how we design the structure of the application.


Next, we proceed directly to the creation of the design. We share this point on several sub-steps: prototyping, validation, and designing. Prototyping helps to understand some of the mechanics that could be unseen in the architecture design stage. In turn, the validation helps to better communicate with the customer. In order to get that done, we use such powerful tool as Invision, which allows to test the usability before final implementation.


Direct software implementation. At this stage, we implement the approved application functionality. Our developers introducing new methods and processes in the development, debugging and testing future software. This allows us to increase the speed of implementation of the product without compromising its quality.


We meticulously relate to the quality of services and products we deliver, so our applications proceed many stages of testing - from the earliest stages of development, ending with a final (global) test. Working with us you can be sure in your application.


We care about our customers, so we help them even with some minor difficulties and challenges. We undertake the publication of finished applications in AppStore and Google Play.


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What should I start with?

No matter if you have an idea or you do not. All you need is to contact us via phone or filling in the contact form

How much time does it take to develop the mobile application?

It takes for about one month to develop a mobile app for you.

Which platform to choose for the mobile application?

In order to choose the platform for your application we need to analyse the business area and to identify which platform is more popular among your target audience.

How much does it cost to develop the mobile application?

The simple mobile application costs €2,000 that include: - the app for one platform (iOS, Android or Windows) - the design for a mobile phone (not a tablet version) - testing - we check for the usability for the absence of bugs - adding to stores.

How can I earn having the mobile application?

You may set the price for the application which the users will pay in order to download it from the store. If you have a free application you may earn money on the advertisements that may appear in your application or to have some paid additional functionality. Also, if your app is an internet shop, you will earn money selling goods and services using it.

What is the difference between a mobile application and a mobile version of the website?

A mobile version of the web site is similar to the website but differs in design that was created specifically for a smaller display and a touch-screen interface. You can access the mobile version of the website through a regular browser, that is why you need to have an internet connection on your device. A mobile application is a software that you can get access to after downloading and installing it from the store to your mobile device. You can easily access the information in the app even if you do not have an internet connection.

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