For profitable and smooth-running trade in the Internet, first of all, it is necessary to create a good site. This was the task of our specialists when they developed design of Lumoshop e-store. The site is intended for sale of goods from Europe, giving an opportunity to buy qualitative products, and though their prices are higher than that of analogues from other countries, they fully correspond to the quality level. The e-store has been developed from scratch – we created an original logo and worked out attractive design, which will be easy-to-understand for any client. Location of blocks, links and buttons on pages of Lumoshop e-store guarantees easy navigation and high usability level. Thus, a buyer won’t have to search for necessary product for a long time.

Attractive and functional design is one of the most important element of any site, especially, that of e-store. Lumoshop is designed in such a way that navigation among pages of the e-store is not complicated for a client. There has been created original and recognizable logo, which can’t be confused with any other. The design is in soft colors and it is not overloaded with details, what gives an opportunity to use the site without being distracted. All necessary contact information is placed in a prominent place , so a client won’t scroll all pages in order to contact the store.

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