Original devices will always be in demand, if they perform really important functions. For example, Razor blade sharpener for safety razors is a great offer for a lot of clients. At that, there is no better platform for advertising and sales than Internet that is why the company decided to launch a corporate web-site. Our specialists tackled this task with enthusiasm and as the result they developed a great e-store, where everyone can buy an original device – Razor blade sharpener. Design of the site is attractive and ensures qualitative usability for any visitor. Functionality of the e-store allows ordering of a necessary product without the slightest problem. The site has all necessary information, which may be interesting for a buyer, including contact details.


Design is characterized by minimalism and that is why it doesn’t distract a visitor. Links and blocks of the portal are located as conveniently as possible and a client won’t have to search for goods for a long time, because several mouse clicks are enough to make a purchase. There is a big amount of visual and text information on pages of the portal that is why a visitor understands its purpose. Qualitative design makes navigation among the pages of Razor e-store intuitively understandable and, as the result a buyer can buy a necessary blade sharpener quickly and with maximum convenience.

Attractive design and qualitative functionality are the guarantee of profitability of an e-store


E-store has been created with CMS WordPress, which ensures operating speed of portal and its serviceability. Administrative panel has all necessary functions for placement of goods and other content.

WordPress is one of the best CMS for e-stores and that’s why Razor website has been created with it. Work with the portal, created using this program, is very convenient for a Content Manager and also for visitors of the website.

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