Revieve is a company that developed a plugin that works as a digital skin care consultant. It is embedded into online stores and helps women and men to choose creams and other cosmetics, depending on the characteristics of the skin.  The user opens a skin care consultant, loads a photo and specifies the skin type, age, sex, selects the degree of facial wrinkles around the eye, indicates whether there are black dots on the skin. After analyzing the input parameters, the plugin automatically selects cosmetics and creams that are the most suitable for users type of skin and help get rid of problem areas of the skin.


It is necessary to create a brochure for Revieve for the B2B segment, which will be distributed as a handout at a specialized exhibition. The brochure should be as informative as possible, inform about the development and cause the desire for cooperation.

Revieve customers – online stores of cosmetics and products for skin care. One of the problems of online stores is that it is difficult for a user to make a choice among a variety of cosmetics. Difficulty in choosing a skin remedy that is suitable for a particular case can significantly increase the time to conversion or even negatively affect the decision to purchase.

Revieve solves this problem by step-by-step filling the profile and selecting appropriate skin care products that will help in solving specific problem areas of the skin.The plugin also reduces the number of calls to the call center and increases the conversion.

Concept of the brochure

Every person is an individual and deserves the best. We wanted to demonstrate the Revieve’s mission, namely, to help men and women improve their skin and facilitate the choice of skin care products.

We chose Trifold brochure because it’s the most suitable for our idea. The title page contains the product name and a thematic image. On the left, on the inner sheet, we placed the face of a woman, with clearly prominent problem areas of the skin. After a turn on the center of the brochure is placed the tightened face of a woman. This clearly demonstrates the goal of creating a plugin: to develop online consultant who will pick up the products for skin care, depending on type and condition of the skin. 

The result is an original non-standard brochure that will be remembered by exhibition participants and will cause positive emotions.

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