At the very beginning of cooperation it is important for a customer to know exhaustive information about the company he or she is going to work with. In LumoLink this task was resolved in a classical way by ordering special brochures, which contain all information a customer may need. While working on these booklets the most important tasks were: to create an attractive and memorable design and to write an easy-to-read text, which would give a client an insight into all services of the company and its strengths. We have fulfilled these requirements in brochures of Lumolink according to the highest quality criteria.

Brochures for Lumolink Company are distinguished by original and memorable layout, at that the design is characterized by minimalism, because it has no unnecessary and distracting details. We have chosen А5 format, because it is the most acceptable format for printing materials of this type.


Brochures are one of the most effective printing advertising tools


In the process of development there were used Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and, of course, talent and creativity of our designer.

As the result of using fantasy and familiar graphic editors, our specialist managed to achieve the set goal – to create an attractive design for brochures.

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