When Torpanpiha turned to us for help in creating a website for their service, we eagerly and enthusiastically took up the task. The goal was to present the assortment of products as simply as possible and give users the opportunity to arrange delivery at any time.


We conducted the design process. The purpose of this was to create “live” prototypes that can be tested. This increased the productivity of the team and gave a more accurate picture of user interaction with the site. We found weaknesses in the design, we made improvements and made the first version of the design.

We determined the target audience and decided to execute the website design in bright and relaxed tones. This would give the user accessibility and ease of information perception. We paid much attention to the background image for the first screen. This is an important element that affects on the perception of the site, user behavior and conversion. We chose thematic bright images that encourage potential customers to make a purchase.

We analyzed the websites of competitors, most sites have a gloomy design. We wanted to add colors and make the work with the site enjoyable.

For a more compact display of information, was decided to use a tab for a piece of data.


One of the main tasks for the developers was to provide the opportunity for the clients of the company to immediately know the cost of the soil and delivery cost, depending on the amount and region. The company delivers soil throughout Finland. The cost of delivery depends on two parameters: the region and the amount of soil.

If the customer does not know the exact number of cubic meters that he needs, for the convenience of calculation, it was decided to give the user the opportunity to specify the length and width of the area to be covered and the required thickness of the soil.

Make the difficult simple. We set this goal when designing a calculator. As a result, the information was structured and divided into logical blocks. After the entered parameters, the calculator shows the cost of soil and delivery and visually shows what machine needed.



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