Advanced assistant in daily activities on the Internet. Free extension to manage tabs in Google Chrome.

Install the latest version of the TTR Plugin for Google Chrome from the official online store for free.

Design of expansion


Many opened tabs that are “I need this”, but not currently used. How not to lose them all, but also not to keep these tabs in the browser’s memory that are not currently used?

To solve this problem, we decided to develop an extension to enhance productivity on the Internet.


We developed the Total Tab Recaller plugin, which unloads tabs from the browser’s memory with the ability to schedule their automatic re-opening at a specified time.

Design of landing

Technical capabilities

– Easy sorting: you can see which tabs are scheduled for today, tomorrow and throughout the week;

– Personalization: customize the interface language and manage notifications in the browser;

– Manual tab management: add tabs to the pending list, change the time and open before the scheduled time.

PayPal online payment

Implemented the possibility of paying for a PRO account with advanced functionality. To do this, we integrated the Paypal payment system into a web application.

Technologies used

 – Chrome extension API

 – JS Framework EmberJS


 – IndexedDB

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