How to set up an AdWords campaign

AdWords is a form of PPC advertising that can deliver impressive returns on investment, but it is also a tool that can be costly. It is easy to get settings wrong, target the wrong people, and run up a budget without getting much in the way of results. This guide will help you get the basics right for setting up an AdWords campaign.

Preparation Work

You will need a Google AdWords account to run a campaign, plus you will need to do some prep work before actually creating your ads. Here are three steps you should take:

  • Work out your objectives – Google AdWords campaigns can be used to deliver on a number of different objectives. This includes launching new products, targeting geographical areas outside of your normal area of business, getting a higher position on Google for crucial keywords, and many more.
  • Prepare the landing page – the landing page is the page on your website that visitors will first see when they click on your link. Many people use their website homepage or a product category page. This can work in some situations, but the more directly you can link the landing page to the targeted keyword and audience profile, the better.
  • Prepare your list of keywords – as part of setting up your campaign you need to tell AdWords the keywords that you want to target. You’ll need to do some research to find the right keywords. You’ll need about 20 for most campaigns.

Set Up Your AdWords Campaign

Follow this process to set up your Google AdWords campaign.

1. Log into AdWords.
2. Click Campaign (the red button).bl43. Select “Search network only” – this assumes you are setting up a campaign that will only display on Google’s search results pages.
4. Select All features and then name your campaign – this is for internal use only so you can easily find the campaign in the future.
5. Uncheck the option for “Include search partners”.
6. Select a target area – be realistic with this setting. Simply casting your net wide will not necessarily generate results. For example, will the extra shipping charges mean that your products are too expensive for someone in a different region? The more focused you can make this section the better.
7. Select “I’ll manually set my bids for clicks” and then enter your budget – this can be adjusted later so you can start conservatively if you want.
8. Click “Save and continue” to move on to creating your ad.
9. Give your ad group a name – this is for internal use.
10. Select “Text ad” and write your ad – you have a headline, target link, display link, and two description lines.bl511. Enter the keywords that you want to target and click “Save ad group”.

Your campaign will now be set up, but the most important part of any PPC campaign is yet to come – monitoring, analyzing results, testing, and optimizing. Don’t just let the campaign run without checking it. By checking it you can spot mistakes and ensure you are maximizing your return on investment.

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