Writing An AdWords Ad That Gets Clicks

The text that you use on any advertising campaign is important. On a CPC campaign, however, the text is critical. You can’t use images or sound, so everything is dependent on words. When your ad is written well you will get more clicks, but what does a well-written ad look like?

Think About The Needs Of The Person Searching

Well-written ads directly answer the needs of the person searching. This means demonstrating that you understand what the user wants and that you have the answer.bl8Here is an example of a search query. Each addresses the query directly either in the headline or the display URL.

Before you start writing your ad, you should think about the needs of the people searching for your keywords. Are they looking to buy a product? Do they need advice? Is their query urgent? What will motivate them to make a buying decision?

When you have this information you can create a better ad.

Identify Your USP

The next step is to identify your unique selling point – your USP. This is the thing that will make your ad stand out from the competition, and it will give people a reason to click. If you have a compelling USP, price will not be the most important motivator for people responding to your ads. This will allow you to improve your return on investment.

When working this out you should research your competitors to check that your offering is clearly differentiated, and that you can communicate those differences succinctly.

Make Your Offer Appealing

Your ad needs to include an offer, but make sure it is valuable and believable. For example, offering 90 percent off might be valuable, but it may also make people sceptical about your company. Also, remember that making something valuable doesn’t mean making it cheap. The valuable USP you are offering could be a money-back guarantee, ultra-fast delivery, or add-on services that your competitors do not offer.

Write Your Headline

Now you are ready to start writing your ad. The first part is the headline – here are some tips:

  • Speak to the customer
  • Give them a solution
  • Use your keyword

Avoid using the name of your company in the headline. It is much better to directly address the query that the person is searching for, indicating that you have a solution.

Here is an example for the search “women’s Nike shoes”:bl9Description

The ad description is two lines that must include your USP and your offer, as well as a call to action. Here are some tips:

  • Get to the point
  • Focus on the searcher – what is important to them
  • Make it as specific as possible – don’t talk about women’s shoes when they have searched for men’s shoes
  • Keep it current – for example, seasonal
  • Make it personal – use the word “you”

Display URL

The final part is your display URL. Don’t just use your website homepage, though. Instead, use the display URL to build trust and highlight your USP. For example, use:


Instead of:


Finally, create multiple versions of your ad so you can test which performs best.

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